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McConnell serves breakfast and lunch daily. School breakfast is $2.00 (30¢ for reduced) and lunch is $3.00 (40¢ for reduced) for all students. McConnell visitors will be charged $2.50 for breakfast and $4.50 for lunch.


Parents may send checks made payable to Hamilton County Food Services and have your child take it to the cafeteria on Monday. Another method to use is the MealPayPlus Plan. This plan allows parents to add money to their child's cafeteria account by making prepayments using your bank account or a credit card. Parents can access this program by clicking here


We realize there are times money is left at home, lost at school, etc., and it is necessary for a child to charge his/her lunch. When this happens, we ask you to pay the next day or as soon as you are notified of the charge. We do not intend for children to go without their lunch. Lunch charges must not exceed three and must be cleared before the end of each grading period.


Parents may bring lunches or snacks only for their children from outside the building. Students may not have carbonated beverages in the cafeteria.


You can find school menues and prices here