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Class Information

Classroom Information  

Miss Souza’s Classroom FYI

A Quick Introduction to Our Classroom!


Agenda and Communication

  • Stay connected with our classroom! The best way to communicate in our classroom is through your student’s agenda. Please sign your student’s agenda daily.  Every morning I will check for a signature and notes from you. I will respond or leave notes for you when necessary about your student. Your student’s color chart and any crucial notes from school or PTA will also be in the agenda.

  • It is my goal to email you classroom updates on Mondays. You may also email me at or call the school if you have questions or concerns.

  • If you would like to receive pictures and videos of the class we use the app called SeeSaw. Look out for an email from me and note in the Mustang Monday Work Folder for directions on how to log in.

  • Finally, please sign up for Remind 101. Text @a3k9e8c to the number 81010. This way I am able to send you quick reminders and I can get in touch with you in case of an emergency (such as early dismissal for inclement weather).



  • Powerschool login information will be provided at Open House. This is the best and most efficient way to keep up with your student’s grades.

  • Grades are different starting in 3rd grade than in previous years. Your student will now earn standard letter grades. The following is the grading scale:

    • A-        93-100

    • B-         85-92

    • C-         75-84

    • D-        70-74

    • F-         69 & below



  • Homework assignments will reinforce, supplement, and complement learning that takes place in the classroom. Assignments will be written in your student’s agenda and handed out on Monday and will be due Friday. All homework should demonstrate the student’s best effort, be neat and organized, and be turned in on time.

  • Reading is very important and should be completed every night when possible! Students will be expected to read each night for a minimum of 15 minutes. Your student should follow the honor code when filling in the reading log located in your student's agenda.

  • In addition to weekly homework, monthly projects will be sent home to complete.

  • Go online! Every student has access to and at home to practice math and reading skills on their level.


Mustang Monday Work Folder

  • Each Monday your student will bring home a yellow folder containing homework, returned work that they completed during the previous week, and any notes or flyers from the school.  Please review returned work with your student to see how they are doing, and where they may need additional practice. These papers are yours to keep. Your signature on the sheet in the middle indicates that you have seen your student's work and reviewed it with them.

  • Returned work resulting in a 60 may be corrected at home and returned to earn additional points.


Behavior Management

  • Classroom consistency is very important for student success. Our classroom will use a clip chart to monitor behavior.

  • Your student is responsible for filling in their color in their agenda at the end of each day.

  • Students who end the day on purple will be able to choose a reward from the treasure box.


  • We have snack time each day in our classroom. Snack is important to keep our bodies and our brains fueled. Please send a snack with your student each day.

  • Students will be permitted to keep water bottles at their desks as long as it not a distraction.

  • Birthdays are important and very special! Cupcakes and other treats may be handed out during our lunchtime only. Please make sure to bring enough for all students.


Family Involvement

  • Volunteer! Without volunteers it would be impossible to do many of the fun and exciting things at our school. Some examples of way to help in our classroom are reading to our class on Friday afternoons, decorating our classroom door, and sharpening pencils. Let me know in your agenda if you’d like to come in and help!

  • Box Tops! Please collect Box Tops for our classroom. Last year we raised over $100 and I’d love to top that this year! Send them in with your student any morning. Even one Box Top brings a huge smile to my face, every Box Top counts!


School Fundraiser

  • FUND Fridays were a huge success for our school last year and will continue this year! Every single dollar stays at McConnell and in the classrooms to provide supplies, technology, books, etc for students.

  • Please send your dollar every Friday to participate in the activities; OR you can pay for a semester in advance by sending in money or a check OR pay on the McConnell Website –