Registration Time in Hamilton County


Time to register for the new school year


Online registration for the new school year will be available for parents on Monday, July 22, and run through Friday, August 2 in preparation for the first day of school on Wednesday, August 7.  Online registration will be for students new to Hamilton County Schools and for students returning who were in the district last year.  Registration is important to update student record information for current students in Hamilton County Schools returning and to make sure a child new to the district is ready to start school on the first day.


Information for returning students: If your child attended a school in Hamilton County Schools in 2018-2019 and will be attending a Hamilton County school for 2019-2020, your child will need to be enrolled as a returning student. If you already have an account in PowerSchool Parent Portal and you followed your child’s grades online in the PowerSchool system last year, the process should be very simple.  Parents will only have to log into the PowerSchool Parent Portal and check each child’s information (address, phone contact numbers, etc.) and make sure it is correct to begin the new school year. No snap-code for registering returning students is required this year. 


If you did not establish a PowerSchool account last year, you would need to open an account in PowerSchool to register your child.  Information was provided by schools before the end of the school year to let parents know how to open a PowerSchool account.  The information came in a letter to parents that included an Access I.D and a password.  The Access I.D.s are specific to the child and allow the PowerSchool account established by the parent to connect to their child’s information.  If you have more than one child, you will need to have the Access I.D. for each child.  If you do not have the letter with an Access I.D. and initial password, you will need to contact your school to get the information.  For security reasons, the information must come from the local school familiar with their students and families so that student data stays secure.


Information for new students (including all Kindergarten children.) We're always excited to help new Hamilton County Schools students get enrolled. Whether a student is planning to attend their zoned school or is approved for one of our many school choice options, registration is required if the child is brand new to the District.  If your child has not attended a Hamilton County School or did not attend the previous school year, you will need to complete an online registration form by clicking on New Student Registration below.

New Student Registration - English
New Student Registration - Español


What you need to register 

  • Returning Hamilton County parents must have an active PowerSchool Parent Portal account to register their child for school.  An active email address is needed to create an account. Contact your school for the needed information to create an account if you have not created an account in the PowerSchool Parent Portal.
  • Two items to provide proof of residence  (A utility bill with the parent’s name and address; a contract or lease on a house or apartment; an agency, government, or court documentation will be accepted.)
  • A birth certificate
  • Proof of immunization or an approved exemption


You will need to upload the documents during the registration process.  You may scan the document or take a photo of the document with your phone and upload in the process.  You will also need to indicate if your child will require bus transportation at the time of registration.  Transportation is only provided to students for zoned schools or magnet schools.


The beginning of the new school year is coming soon.  Please register your child to make sure they are ready for August 7.

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